Citavi cannot find the folder for user files at each startup


Your user files (Citavi projects, backups, user-created citation styles) either are saved on a network drive or on a Mac running Windows with Parallels.

After updating to Citavi 6.4, each time you start the program you see the message below:

Citavi startup cannot continue because Citavi could not find the Citavi folder for user files. This can occur because the disk or network share the folder is on is not connected.

Select a different folder for Citavi user files, or connect the disk or network share with the existing folder and try again.


The path to your user files is a UNC path. These paths contain two backslashes, for example \\Mac\user\

Citavi ignores these double backslashes during startup, which leads to Citavi not being able to find the folder for user files.


Install the update to the current version of Citavi (Download).

If you can't install the update, you'll need to select the folder for user files each time you start Citavi:

  1. Click Browse.
  2. Select the folder containing your Citavi user files.
  3. When Citavi asks if a new folder should be created within the folder, click No.
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