The Citavi project cannot be opened with your license, or the project is write protected

Upon opening a project you see the message that the project cannot be opened with your license, or that the project is write protected.

Causes and solutions

Missing license

Citavi 6

There is no valid license in your Citavi account. Either your trial license has expired or your site license has to be renewed. Please check the status of your licenses in your Citavi account.

Citavi 5 or before

You have not entered a license key in Citavi and you have more than 100 in your project. Citavi Free has got the same functionality as Citavi for Windows, but with one exception: You cannot edit or save the project if there are more than 100 titles in all projects open at the same time. Please enter your license key.

You are not logged in

The license information stored on your computer is not valid anymore. Please follow these instructions:

1. Log out of and in again. clogin 

2. Launch Citavi for Windows and log out of the welcome screen and in again.

The following causes and solutions only apply to local projects:

The local project file is write protected
The local project is write protected because it has been opened from a zip archive

Unzip the project by clicking right on the zip archive and selecting Extract all from the menu. Then, open the unzipped Citavi project.

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