Differences between Citavi Assistant and the Citavi Add-In for Word

With the Citavi Assistant you can insert references, quotations, and thoughts from your cloud project into a Word document. The Citavi Assistant will automatically insert and format the citations for you and generate a bibliography in the citation style of your choice.

Technical requirements


  • Office for Mac 365


  • Windows 10 (at least version 1903) 
  • Office 2019 (at least version 2012, build 13530.20376 respectively 16.0.13530.20376) or Office 365 (at least version 1908) 

Install the Citavi Assistant via the Office Add-ins store. Our video shows how.
If you're using a computer through your organization, your IT team may have disabled access to the Office Store. In this case, please contact your IT team and ask them to provide individual access.


Assistant Word Add-In
Installation via Word via Citavi Setup
Office compatibility Word for Windows
Word for Mac
Word for Windows
Citavi compatibility Citavi Web
Citavi for Windows (Version 6 and later)
Citavi Web
Citavi for Windows (Version 6 and later)
Data source Cloud projects Cloud projects
Local projects
Citavi for DBServer projects

The following features are not yet available in Citavi Assistant:

  • Working with Word Online
  • Switching between projects; only references from one project can be inserted in a Word document
  • Importing the category system from a Citavi project as an outline
  • Inserting all categories and knowledge items from a project at once
  • Selecting multiple references at once to insert as a multiple citation
  • Deleting a reference from a multiple citation.
  • Automatic insertion of a period at the end of a footnote
  • Converting in-text citations to footnotes or vice versa
  • The Assign Reference feature for adding references from the Word document to the Citavi project if they are missing
  • Linking of in-text citations to their bibliography entry
  • Saving of all bibliographic information for the cited references in the document as a sort of traveling library.
  • Grouped bibliographies
  • Converting fields to static text 

The following features can't and won't be added to the Citavi Assistant for technical reasons:

  • Displaying inserted fields with field shading
  • Automatic backup copies of Word files
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