"An error has occurred. Refreshing page."

Instead of the login window above, you only see this warning:

The text is:

An error has occurred.

Refreshing page...

The Citavi team will be informed automatically.

[ ] Send information about this error.

Cause 1

You're not using an older beta version but are instead using Citavi 6.4. As soon as you click the error message away, the login window is reloaded with the same error message. This keeps you from being able to log in and the person icon in the upper right remains unchanged.

Solution 1

Please install the update to the current version of Citavi (download here).

If this doesn't help, use the following workaround:

  1. Ignore the error message and don't click "OK". Make the login window wider until you can see the fields for the email address and password (and potentially also the login button).
  2. Press the Tab key as many times as necessary (in some cases over 20 times), until the cursor appears in the "Email address" field. Enter your email address.
  3. Press the Tab key again so that the cursor appears in the "Password" field. Enter your password. 
  4. Press the Tab and Enter key to log in.

Cause 2

You're using Citavi Beta 6.3.15, which is no longer supported. If you close the error message, you can log in, and you will see an account window with your license information. However, you're still not logged in: instead of seeing your initials or a photo, you still see the person icon in the upper right:

Solution 2

Please install the update to the current version of Citavi (download here). 

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