Citavi reports that there is a data inconsistency

When opening a project you receive the following error message: 

There is a data inconsistency that cannot be repaired automatically and is preventing the project from being opened.

In Citavi 6


While saving, the process was interrupted, for example if a USB flash drive was removed too quickly, if you experienced network interruptions, or if your computer crashed.


Please install the update to the current version of 6.12 (Download). This version can repair the inconsistencies.

In Citavi 5


An obsolete or damaged offline copy of the project is causing the problem. Offline copies are useful for quickly loading projects saved on network drives.


  1. On the Citavi 5 Welcome Screen, click Settings.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Click Folders.
  4. Clear the Enable offline copies of non-local projects (caching) checkbox and then click OK.
  5. Close Citavi.
  6. Restart Citavi and open your project.
  7. Select the Enable offline copies of non-local projects (caching) checkbox again and click OK.

If you selected the option that Citavi should open the last project each time you start the program, perform the following steps instead:

  1. Copy the following path in the Windows File Explorer: %localappdata%\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi\ProjectCache (screenshot)
  2. Rename the folder. For example, you can rename the folder from "ProjectCache" to "ProjectCache-BAK".
  3. After you rename the folder Citavi won't be able to locate the offline copy any longer and will load the original project and create a new offline copy.
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