Activating Z39.50 access to EBSCO databases

The following article is intended for university library system administrators who manage EBSCO subscription databases.


You are unable to perform a search in Citavi in one of the EBSCO databases licensed by your university.


Z39.50 access to the database probably has not yet been activated for the database. Databases to which you've recently subscribed or that were added to your customer account later on are not automatically activated according to an existing Z39.50 profile in your EBSCO customer account.


  1. Log into EBSCO's administration tool EBSCOadmin.
  2. On the Customize Services tab, select the profile Z39.50 Client (z3950) – z3950.
  3. In the database tab view you see now a column called Enabled. This refers to the databases in the profile currently (if not default to selected).
    To view the databases that aren't currently in the profile you selected from the dropdown select Show: Disabled. This presents the databases available to add. To do so, select the button to ON for the database(s) you wish to add. Select the view to Show: Enabled to see the database added at the button of the list and re-order if desired.
  4. The database should now be activated in your Z39.50 profile.

If you do not see the name of the database listed on the Databases tab, please contact EBSCO.

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