A bug in Microsoft Office prevents the Citavi Word Add-In from installing correctly


Since the end of April 2022, after an update of Microsoft Office, a key in the Windows registry is no longer set correctly, which Citavi queries for the installation of the Citavi Word Add-In. The Citavi Word Add-In is no longer available after installing or updating Citavi, even though there was no apparent error during the installation process.


We provide here a fix-it tool that adds the missing registry key. Administrator privileges are required to run this tool (as they are for installing Citavi). 

1. Download the ZIP file below. 
2. Unzip this file with a right click > extract all.
3. Right-click SetOfficePath.exe in the window that now opens and select Run as administrator.
4. The tool will now check if you are affected by the problem and add the missing registry key if necessary.
5. After successful completion, perform a repair of the Citavi installation.

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