Welcome to Academic Writing Month! (#AcWriMo)

Academic Writing Month runs in November and challenges participants to set and meet a writing goal during the month.  

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To help everyone participating, we’ve done a round of up our best scholarly writing resources and will also release great new writing content regularly during November.  

Let’s go! 

[Blog] What is #AcWriMo?  

Learn where #AcWriMo came from and how it helps scholarly writers  
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[Live Webinar Series] Scholarly Writing 

These webinars are designed to help all scholarly writers, from students to published authors, enhance skills through the entire writing process. Register now to learn from a great line up of writing experts. 
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[On Demand Webinars] Scholarly Writing  

Check out these webinars from our ongoing Scholarly Writing webinar series when it suits you 


[Live Virtual Learning] Writing Groups for Scholars 

Register for a free virtual writing group to ask questions and learn best practices from experts and peers on academic writing and publishing  
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[On Demand Webinar Series] Summer Scholarly Writing Institute 

NVivo and Citavi partnered with Dissertation by Design to present the virtual Scholarly Writing Institute. These four sessions will help you enhance your writing skills and learn more about digital tools, like NVivo and Citavi, that can assist with the writing and publishing process.  
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[Blog] Extending Your Literature Review with NVivo 

Learn how NVivo adds new possibilities for analyzing literature, for example, exploring relationships between articles, authors and books.  
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[Blog] Speed Up Publishing with NVivo and Citavi 

If you’re working with NVivo to help you analyze the results from your original research or supporting literature, Citavi can help you be more efficient in the other stages of the research process. 
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[Blog] NVivo and Citavi Make it Easier than Ever to Write and Reference 

Learn how to speed up publishing by taking advantage of quick imports of literature into NVivo for coding, and exports to add citations through Citavi 
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We hope you find these resources helpful in your writing journey! 

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