Citavi Beta 6.3.15 now available

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A new Citavi 6 beta version is now available for testing.

What you should know about beta versions ...

What is a beta version?

There is no such thing as software without errors and that applies to Citavi as well.

As soon as we find and eliminate bugs, we make a new beta version available to our users. While it is generally considered complete, it is still not ready for an official release until it is tested in real-life scenarios.

Who should install beta versions?

If the bugs listed below have affected your day-to-day usage of Citavi, we recommend that you install the beta version, as long as you have administrator rights on your computer that let you install software on your own. In an organizational setting this is often not the case.

How can you share feedback while trying out the beta?

Contact us at or create a new post in our forum.

What happens to your projects and Word documents?

Nothing at all! When you install a new beta version or update, only the files needed to run the program are changed. Installing beta versions or updates does not affect your Citavi projects, Word documents, or settings.

How do you know when the beta phase ends and an update is available?

Once the official update is available, you will see a notification in Citavi on the Welcome Screen.

Citavi also automatically checks for updates every time it is launched, as long as there is an active internet connection. If an update is available, Citavi will offer to download and install it. You will see a notification in the upper-right corner and will need to exit and restart Citavi for changes to take effect. If you were working with a beta version, we recommend installing the update so that you are working with the most current Citavi version.


  • The Pickers for Firefox and Chrome now display a symbol behind an identifier (e.g. a DOI name) on a website when the corresponding full text has already been added to the current project.

The Picker Family

If you were previously working with Citavi Beta 6.3.6 or 6.3.11, you can skip this section.

The new Picker for Firefox and Chrome is now available for beta testing. 

To use the new Picker, you will first need to install Citavi Beta 6.3.15. The Picker will be installed along with Citavi in the Citavi 6.4 release version.

If you are using Chrome, you don't need to do anything. The new Picker will be automatically installed.

If you are using Firefox, install Citavi 6.3.15 and then do the following:

  1. Enter about:addons in the Firefox address bar.
  2. Next to Citavi Picker click Disable.
  3. Click here to load the beta version of the Citavi Picker. 
  4. Click Allow, and then click Add.
  5. Open any webpage.
  6. In the upper-right corner of Firefox, click the Picker symbol.
  7. Log in to your Citavi Account so that you can also add content to your cloud projects.

Bug fixes


  • Image quotations could not be copied to the Clipboard, for example when pasting them into an online LateX editor.
  • Special characters in the project name led to an error message when creating an archive copy.
  • In table view, the search feature in the Go to field found in the View > Select Columns dialog did not work.

The Picker Family

  • Adding a reference by ISBN, DOI name, or PubMed ID led to keywords being added to the project, even if the user had selected the option that keywords should not be added.

Citation Style Editor

  • A suffix inserted with the Citavi Word Add-In took on the same formatting as the last component. 

Citavi for DBServer

  • When importing a local project, an error occurred if date fields contained dates prior to 1753.
  • A PDF file added while using the default folder was not synchronized to the Attachments folder when the folder was available again.
  • Only email addresses in lowercase letters were accepted in the email notification configuration dialog for Concurrent licenses.

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