Citavi Beta 6.3.1 Now Available

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A new Citavi 6 beta version is now available for testing:

What you should know about beta versions ...

What is a beta version?

There is no such thing as software without errors and that applies to Citavi as well.

As soon as we find and eliminate bugs, we make a new beta version available to our users. While it is generally considered complete, it is still not ready for an official release until it is tested in real-life scenarios.

Who should install beta versions?

If the bugs listed below have affected your day-to-day usage of Citavi, we recommend that you install the beta version, as long as you have administrator rights on your computer that let you install software on your own. In an organizational setting this is often not the case.

How can you share feedback while trying out the beta?

Contact us at or create a new post in our forum.

What happens to your projects and Word documents?

Nothing at all! When you install a new beta version or update, only the files needed to run the program are changed. Installing beta versions or updates does not affect your Citavi projects, Word documents, or settings.

How do you know when the beta phase ends and an update is available?

Once the official update is available, you will see a notification in Citavi on the Welcome Screen.

Citavi also automatically checks for updates every time it is launched, as long as there is an active internet connection. If an update is available, Citavi will offer to download and install it. You will see a notification in the upper-right corner and will need to exit and restart Citavi for changes to take effect. If you were working with a beta version, we recommend installing the update so that you are working with the most current Citavi version.


  • Large projects are opened faster.
  • Word files are displayed in the Citavi preview.
  • The duplicate control was refined to reduce the number of false positives.

Bug Fixes


  • When duplicating titles using the "Title" > "Duplicate" command, the attachments were not duplicated for local projects.
  • When a deleted title with attachment was restored from the Recycle Bin, the attachment remained in the Recycle Bin folder.
  • When a deleted title was restored from the Recycle Bin, existing reciprocal links would sometimes multiply.
  • When exporting annotations, the bibliographic metadata were not written to the PDF file.
  • When moving a title from a cloud project to another cloud project, attachments and covers were lost.
  • Under certain circumstances, research results could not be transferred to the project under the Spanish program interface.
  • A saved search query was unintentionally overwritten.
  • If the corresponding parent work had already been recorded mistakenly as a monograph during import via DOI, the import failed.
  • The preview of a selected citation style was not cleared after a new resultless search.
  • Opening a project in Citavi could fail with the error that the Word Interop.dll could not be loaded. 
  • Under certain circumstances, a local backup file could not be used to restore a local project.
  • Under certain circumstances, the automatic repair of data inconsistencies in local projects failed.
  • When a knowledge item was edited, its creation date also changed. 

Picker Family

Announcement: In May 2019, new versions of the Chrome and Firefox pickers will be provided. The pickers will be updated automatically; there will be no need for a new installation. We will inform you in detail before the release.

  • The Citavi setup did not recognize newer Firefox installations.

Word Add-In

  • When inserting sources in Word, the error message "Object variable or With block variable not set" could occur if the option "Typing replaces selected text" was active in Word at the same time.
  • An entry in the field "Suffix" could not be saved when there was already an entry in the field "Prefix".
  • The green checkmark before an inserted knowledge element did not disappear when the Undo command was run in Word after insertion via Citavi's Word Add-in.

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