Citavi Beta 6.2.10 Now Available

Jennifer S. shared this announcement 20 days ago

A new Citavi 6 beta version is now available for testing:

What you should know about beta versions ...

What is a beta version?

There is no such thing as software without errors and that applies to Citavi as well.

As soon as we find and eliminate bugs, we make a new beta version available to our users. While it is generally considered complete, it is still not ready for an official release until it is tested in real-life scenarios.

Who should install beta versions?

If the bugs listed below have affected your day-to-day usage of Citavi, we recommend that you install the beta version, as long as you have administrator rights on your computer that let you install software on your own. In an organizational setting this is often not the case.

How can you share feedback while trying out the beta?

Contact us at or create a new post in our forum.

What happens to your projects and Word documents?

Nothing at all! When you install a new beta version or update, only the files needed to run the program are changed. Installing beta versions or updates does not affect your Citavi projects, Word documents, or settings.

How do you know when the beta phase ends and an update is available?

Once the official update is available, you will see a notification in Citavi on the Welcome Screen.

Citavi also automatically checks for updates every time it is launched, as long as there is an active internet connection. If an update is available, Citavi will offer to download and install it. You will see a notification in the upper-right corner and will need to exit and restart Citavi for changes to take effect. If you were working with a beta version, we recommend installing the update so that you are working with the most current Citavi version.

Fixed bugs


  • If a PDF file was added by drag and drop, Citavi did not rename the short title.
  • The "Last modified" date in the project properties did not work for local projects.
  • Deleted keywords would reappear if they were selected in a PDF in the preview pane and then added with a right-click.
  • If a new quotation was added from the preview pane, Citavi ignored the reference's page numbering type.

Word Add-In

  • The loader for the Word Add-In was also loaded in Excel.
  • The option "Edit in Citavi" was no longer displayed for knowledge items.