Citavi (Beta) Now Available

Damien R. shared this announcement 1 month ago

The latest improved version of Citavi is now available for download:

What you should know about beta versions

What is a beta version?

There is no such thing as software without errors and that applies to Citavi as well. 

As soon as we find and eliminate bugs, we make a new beta version available to our users.  While it is generally considered complete, it is still not ready for an official release until it is tested in real-life scenarios.

Who should install this beta version?

If the bugs listed below have affected your day-to-day usage of Citavi, we recommend that you install the beta version, as long as you have administrator rights on your computer that let you install software on your own. In an organizational setting this is often not the case.

How can you share feedback while trying out the beta?

Contact us at or create a  new post in our forum.

What happens to your projects and Word documents?

Nothing at all! When you install a new beta version or update, only the files needed to run the program are changed. Installing beta versions or updates does not affect your Citavi projects, Word documents, or settings.

How do you know when the beta phase ends and an update is available?

Once the official update is available, you will see a notification in Citavi on the Welcome Screen.

Citavi also automatically checks for updates every time it is launched, as long as there is an active internet connection. If an update is available, Citavi will offer to download and install it. You will see a notification in the upper-right corner and will need to exit and restart Citavi for changes to take effect. If you were working with a beta version, we recommend installing the update so that you are working with the most current Citavi version.

Here's what's changed:

Resolved bugs


  • The MSI Assistant option "Disable sending of usage information" did not work.
  • On Citavi's startup, the last active title was not reopened.
  • A restart of Citavi was necessary to display a name change of a cloud project in the project window.
  • Citation key support was disabled by default when converting a Citavi 5 project, which utilized customized citation keys, to Citavi 6.
  • Importing a BibTeX file resulted in the document type @report containing an error.
  • Importing from EndNote was not possible if the author field was empty.
  • Citavi crashed when a document selected via File > Import > Formatted bibliography contained too many references.
  • Selecting the setting that a local file should be renamed when copying it to a cloud project was ignored after restarting Citavi.
  • Online search via the Z39.50 protocol led to field 700, which highlights the role of involved persons, not being recognized. This led to authors of collected works being listed as editors for some catalogs.
  • Finding and downloading full texts via ScienceDirect was not possible, despite the presence of valid licenses.
  • Attachments for references were sorted by date added, rather than alphanumerically.
  • Credentials for subscription databases from Citavi 5 settings files were not carried over to Citavi 6.
  • Setting files published in Citavi could not be imported by the user of the respective site license. 

Word Add-In

  • When saving converted Word documents, Citavi did not suggest the location of the old Word document.
  • Following a direct import, the connection to the Word Add-In was interrupted.
  • The Word Add-In saved annotations in the citation fields. This increased the size of the Word document and impacted overall performance.
  • Inserting a title with the option Author (Year) resulted in the title being displayed as (Year) Author. 
  • Instead of using the citation key in the defined "title-keyword" format, Citavi used the "author year" format.
  • Under certain circumstances, Citavi's Word Add-In did not transmit the year in a citation key to Word.
  • Citavi's Word Add-In did not display the year if the citation key used the "Year derived" field and respective references contained related information in a hidden field.
  • Using Word's draft view resulted in Citavi generating a new footnote whenever a footnote reference was combined with another to create a multiple citation. 
  • Adding successive knowledge items resulted in the text of the second knowledge item being placed within the content control of the first item.
  • Opening a knowledge item from Citavi's Word Add-In for editing in Citavi, resulted in the assigned category not being displayed in the Word Add-In and required the project to be reloaded. 
  • The first knowledge item of a reference was only displayed in the Word Add-In if Reload project was selected.
  • Using the feature Assign reference for a reference that is no longer present in the project, only re-assigned the current reference and ignored the fact that the reference was cited multiple times. 
  • The bibliography could not be grouped. 


  • Using the add-on "Send Reference by Email" resulted in sent PDF files being labeled with their internal code names, rather than the names displayed in the project.

Citavi for DBServer

  • Despite choosing the standard instance option, the pre-defined instance name "CitaviServer" was incorrectly selected when connecting to the DBServer.
  • The ConnectionString stored in a Citavi connection file was not transmitted correctly.
  • Under certain circumstances in DBServer projects, it was not possible to assign a task to a team member because the corresponding drop-down menu was empty.